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Rest Journey in Single step, hidden in the breathtaking Ptarus mountains.

Hiking – Cycling – Climbing

Natural Routes in the Kassandra Peninsula

One cannot understand and get to know the Kassandra peninsula in depth if one does not walk it, as it is endowed with an impressive relief that creates unique landscapes for walking and wandering.

From March to May and September to November, it has another great advantage, the mild weather, which favors hiking in nature, making the routes ideal for a rejuvenating experience of fun and entertainment.

The walks to the sights, archaeological sites, wetlands, beaches, squares, taverns and bars give a very good picture, but the essential knowledge comes by walking and hiking in places where nature is preserved unchanged. There one feels that one sees, lives, discovers the Kassandra Peninsula, in the places that are not offered generously on the first visit, but that require the visitor's attention and the real, authentic and persistent will to experience the real image of the place they are visiting knowing the authentic life of its inhabitants and enjoying its local products and delicacies.

The peninsula of Kassandra is a paradise and it is waiting for you to discover it!!!!!!


Kallithea - Kassandria 5.70 kilometers

Degree of difficulty : it's easy

Kallithea - Kriopigi - Kallithea 12.33 kilometers

Degree of difficulty : it is average

Kallithea - Afitos - Nea Fokaia 8.55 km

Degree of difficulty : it is average

Agia Paraskevi - Geoforms - Baths Agia Paraskevi 15.58 km

Degree of difficulty : is difficult

Agios Nikolaos (Kanistro) - Paliouri 15.15 Km

Degree of difficulty : is difficult

Mola Kalyva - Fourka 10.41 km

Degree of difficulty : very hard

Kassandrino - Agia Paraskevi (ridge) 20.00 km

Degree of difficulty : average

Kassandrino - Mola Kalyva 7.01 km

Degree of difficulty : average

Kriopigi - Kassandrino 5.55 km

Degree of difficulty : it has a difficulty at the beginning

Polychrono - Lake Mavrombara - Kassandrino 10.36 km

Degree of difficulty : is difficult

Skala Fourka - Calandra - Poseidi - Skala Fourka 14.81 km

Degree of difficulty : it is a relatively easy route

Pefkohori - Port of Glarokavo - Port of Chrousso 10.22 km

Degree of difficulty : it's easy

Nea Fokaia - Nea Potidaia 12.09 km

Degree of difficulty : it is average 

Kriopigi - Polychrono - Hanioti - Pefkohori 13.89 km

Degree of difficulty : it's easy

Paliouri - Avlaki - Loutra Agia Paraskevi 14.19 Km

Kassandria - Agia Marina - Fourka - Skala Fourka 8.93 km

Degree of difficulty : it is average 

Kassandria - Agios Georgios - Elani - Siviri 9.05 km

Degree of difficulty : it is average

Kassandria - Lekani - Fourka 7.62 km

Degree of difficulty : is difficult