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Ammon Zeus Association
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The Ammon Zeus association is based on the idea of uniting individual rental apartment businesses. Founded during the economic crisis, the purpose of this community is to support each other in the implementation of new projects and the implementation of new agreements with regional, national and international organizations.

Our association participates in international tourist exhibitions, works in collaboration with local authorities, deals with environmental protection, supports the development of regional projects and is represented at many cultural events on the Kassandra peninsula. New companies are welcome to join our project to establish further partnerships and develop new possibilities for tourism optimization.
Kassandra is a place with landscapes of unique beauty, a wide variety of local products and warm hospitality. It is our responsibility to represent this region in the best possible way.

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All you need to know

Kallithea is a village centrally located on the east coast of Kassandra.
It is also the center of the peninsula's tourism, providing the visitor with a wide variety of restaurants, beach bars, water sports, cultural events, live music and many other opportunities for a unique vacation.

Local products

All you need to know


The Kassandra Peninsula offers many experiences for visitors, due to the sights, the food and the wide variety of local products that they can put in their suitcase, going home.


Hiking – Cycling – Climbing

The best way to get to know the Kassandra peninsula is by hiking. The truly rich nature and unparalleled landscape is the best place for hiking and discovery. Especially from March to May and from September to November, the mild weather is ideal for hiking, making the trails the best option for a refreshing experience of recreation and entertainment.

The Kassandra peninsula can provide the visitor with everything he needs for a dream vacation. Popular areas that attract tourists and investors. Coasts that host your wildest dreams, forests that invite you to discover them, archaeological sites that easily transport you to the past and local products with an incomparable taste

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Local events

Our News - Events

The Ammon Zeus Association has a rich activity in events involving our fellow citizens such as theater performances, concerts, traditional dances, cycling, hiking, educational activities and competitions for the visitors of Kassandra



The Ammon Zeus Association has a rich activity in events that concern our fellow citizens such as theatrical performances, concerts, traditional dances, cycling, hiking and also educational activities.

“Some places are so good to stay in, you don’t want to generate a rush on them.

Joe Johnson - Trip Advisor
Ammon Zeus