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Kallithea Halkidiki - Info
Kallithea (transl.: ‘good view’) is a village, centrally located on the east-coast on Kassandra.
It is also the center of tourism of the peninsula, providing the visitor with a wide choice of restaurants, beach bars, water-sports, cultural events, live music and many more opportunities to facilitate individual-styled vacation. Due to its benefited location and a well developed road network, day-trips as well as guided excursions can be optimally organized.
Kallithea is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and a clean sea. The beaches have been awarded with the ‘blue flag’. Inside and around Kallithea significant archaeological excavations have taken place. One of the most important discoveries are the ruins of the temple of Ammon Zeus; a find of archaeological rarity and eponym of our organization.
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About Us

Ammon Zeus
63077 Kallithea, Halkidiki
Tel: +306978099854
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Board of Directors Ammon Zeus Association:

President: Thomasoulis Georgios
Vice-President: Poppis Ioannis
General Secretary: Charalampidis Eythimios
Cashier: Antoniadou Fotini
Deputy Secretary: Loginidis Ioannis
Members: Sakalis Dimitrios
& Poppi Christina

The Association Ammon Zeus is an organization based on the idea of individual apartment-enterprises joining together in an association.
Founded in times of an economical crisis, the intention of this community is to support each other in implementing new projects and
to realize new agreements with regional, national and international associations.
Our organization is present at international tourist-fairs, operates in cooperation with local authorities, is involved with environmental protection,
supports development-plans of the region and is represented at cultural events in Kassandra.
New companies are welcome to join our project with the objective to establish further co-operations and enable new possibilities to optimize tourism.
Kassandra is a place with landscapes of unique beauty, an extensive variety of regional products and cordial hospitality.
To represent this area the best possible way is our responsibility.


George Thomasoulis
President of Association


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