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Accommodation in Kallithea, Halkidiki

Local products

The Kassandra Peninsula offers many experiences for visitors, due to the sights, the food and the wide variety of local products that they can put in their suitcase, going home.

Olive oil

Olive oil is the oil that comes from the fruits of the olive tree (Olea europea). Virgin olive oil is produced by mechanical processing of the olive fruit in olive mills. It is a key element of the Mediterranean diet and is considered a healthy food product due to its content in monounsaturated fats, antioxidants, etc.

Το αγνό, παρθένο ελαιόλαδο Χαλκιδικής είναι ξακουστό για τη γεύση και την ποιότητά του. Αναζητείστε το σε όλη τη Χαλκιδική και μη φύγετε αν δεν το γευτείτε… θα μαγευτείτε!

Halkidiki olives

The olive has been known since ancient times, and probably originates from the area of the eastern Mediterranean. According to ancient Greek tradition, the birthplace of the olive tree is Athens and the first olive tree was planted by Athena on the Acropolis.

The Greeks were the first people to cultivate the olive tree in the European Mediterranean area. It was carried either by Greek colonists or Phoenician traders. As Pliny mentions, in 580 BC, neither Latium, nor Spain, nor Tunis knew the olive and its cultivation

Well-known olive variety throughout Europe. The large, delicious olive accompanies many of the meals in Halkidiki. Thousands of residents of the area are involved in its cultivation while you can find processed olives for every taste.

Ouzo – Tsipouro

Ouzo is a drink produced by the distillation of mainly the by-products of wine and, more rarely, grains, and from the alcohol derived from the by-products of sugar beet processing (molasses). It is placed in copper cauldrons and flavored through the distillation process with herbs and fruits, dominated by anise which gives it its characteristic taste.

Tsipouro is the name of a drink produced from grapes in mainland Greece. It is a popular Greek alcoholic drink that probably began its journey about seven centuries ago in the monasteries of Mount Athos. 


Honey is an aromatic, viscous, sweet material derived from the nectar of plants, which bees collect and turn for food into a thick liquid and finally store in their combs.

The famous honey of Agia Paraskevi holds the scepter in quality throughout Greece. You can get it directly from producers but you can also find it in many stores.


Crithmum maritimum, commonly known as Crithmum or saltwort, is a plant of the Selinoid family. Kritamo has a mainly Mediterranean distribution and is a common species of the Greek coasts. It lives on cliffs, rocks, walls near the sea, even on piers or even breakwaters, forming together with the genus Limonium one of the most characteristic and widespread representatives of halophilic vegetation on rocky coasts. Its leaves are fleshy and have a characteristic glaucous color.[2] It blooms from July to October and the flowers are white-greenish, in a dense umbel. Its shoots, leaves and fruits are often preserved in brine or vinegar and used in salads.